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The Surprising Advantages of Attending Professional Conferences and How to Get the Most Out of Them

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Alright students, job seekers, those who are looking to advance in your career, or even those of us who are looking to learn or improve upon a career skill—that likely includes every last one of us! I come bearing good news and a great resource.

Let’s ask ourselves: What exactly is my goal or ambition as it relates to my career? What is it that I want?

Maybe your response is to simply and quickly attain a first or subsequent job, or perhaps it’s to

  • enhance your job performance,
  • to learn best practices,
  • to learn a new skill and increase your marketability,
  • to gain mentorship,
  • to share your expertise with others,
  • to become more visible in your field,
  • to meet like-minded individuals,
  • to network, or
  • to get inspired/get out of a work-rut.

I’m here to implore you to consider attending a professional conference in order to conquer your objective. You see, the benefits of attending a professional conference are far-reaching and certainly facilitate attaining the above goals.

If you’re interested in diving deeper, David Ballman shares a number of benefits to attending professional conferences as well as suggestions for how an individual who is blind or visually impaired can get the most out of a conference, in his blog post, "Attending Professional Conferences: How It Can Boost Your Career."

Check it out; recognize a few surprising advantages of making the effort to attend a professional conference; learn how to have a successful, profitable conference experience; and crush that career goal!

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