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A blind meetup group

I started a meetup group for the blind on I was wondering how I would advertise and where? I have only been blind for four years, so I have much to learn. Please let me know if you know of any organizations or ways to advertise. There has never been a blind group on Thank you for your time.

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Re: A blind meetup group

To the blind girl who wd love to be my friend: Contact me at 617-996-6955 late mornings or lunchtime. Leave a msg if I'm not here, though I will usually be here at that time.

I'm also at

Re: A blind meetup group

I have been diagnosed with early macular degeneration, and I wd like to meet some blind people. I'm sure there are a lot of wonderful blind people who most seeing people probably pass over. I am a quite active middle-aged man with intellectual interests. --Murray

Re: A blind meetup group

hey I am blind and I would love to be your friend!

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