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Accesible cards and board games

Hi All!!!!
I'm a student in a rehabilitation and technology program. I'm very interested in receiving feedback regarding problamatic issues that arise while playing board or card games.
I have this questions:
1)     What needs do you have playing games?
2)     Are there any games that you wish to play but you don’t? Why don’t you play?
3)     What are your favorite’s games? How do play them? Is there anything that you could improve in them?
4)       Have you ever played cards? If not, why can’t you play? Would you like to have sound feedback about the plays during the game?
5)       What difficulties have you had playing games?

Thanks! I hope someone can help me!! :)

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Re:Accesible cards and board games

Hello, Dice On:

I'm interested in learning Cribbage.

Where can I buy an adaptive cribbage board?

Where might I find info on how to play the game?

Can it be played online?

Cliff Smales
(soup man)

Re:Accesible cards and board games


Re:Accesible cards and board games

Hi Maria: In my case,I try to find a way to make an adaptation for the game of "Resources." It's a game where players represent different countries that work together in a cooperative way to distribute raw materials such as oil and wheat, as equally as possible. The more equal the distribution, the higher the collective score. Problem is that it is calculation done as paper and pencil game. In its original form, the board is a sheet of paper that has to be xeroxed (photo-copied) each time for each new game, since the calculations are done on the paper itself.
Also I play cribbage. With its use of braille-cards, it's no problem at all. As for its wooden board and its metal pegs, each hole in the board has its circumference upraised to facilitate pegging. But I find that it's Not necessary, because even with a regular-type board, the normal-type holes can be found easily by touch.
My main problem here is to find partners for cribbage. Here in Hawaii,I can not find blind-players for cribbage. So if you or anybody else knows of any blind-cribbage players here in Honolulu, let me know please.

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