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Alternatives To Candles?

So I was hoping someone could give me some advise on a problem that I have been having. I love the smell and look of candles, but me and fire probably wouldn't mix well lol. I have tried flameless candles in the past, but they just weren't the same. Does anyone have other ideas? I would really appreciate any advise that you guys could give me as some of the best fall scented candles are coming out. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Alternatives To Candles?

These days, it's popular to put candles inside of glass vases. Perhaps something like this would be a good fire-proof alternative? It makes the candle wind-proof as well so that a draft doesn't blow out the flame.

Re: Alternatives To Candles?

What about Scentsy? All you do is put the scented cube into the warmer and plug it in. The scented oil melts in the warmer and spreads the scent through the room. That's what I use.


Re: Alternatives To Candles?

Hey Anonymouse! So I use a form of incense that might suit your needs. Instead of using a flame to burn the scent into a room, it comes in a big glass jar with an essential oil inside, and there is a bundle of sticks sticking out the top. Every so often, you flip the sticks, so the side that was dipped in the oil is facing outward, spreading its scent all around the room. I can't find an easy link to post here, but if you ask about this product at any cosmetics store, they will know what you're talking about. Hope that helps!
- Michelle, AFB Intern

Re: Alternatives To Candles?

Hiya...I'm not sure if this is exactly what you would need but last night I saw HSN had scented sticks (looked like plastic). I've never tried them but maybe another option. Good Luck!

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