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Amptgard an analysis of


I'm seeing if any of you have ever heard of Amptgard? If you haven't it's a medieval live role-playing game played at your local parks. Largely it's set in a medieval period of time with fictious characters played by your own very own human beings. Class characters one could immitate are: scouts, warriors, palidans, bards, druids, wizards, clerics, artisans, etc. You use styrafoam noodles to wrap around pvc pipe with a covering of a sock or whatever to cover it up. The foam is to be tested before used against opponents.
So my question is has anyone else heard of this game? If so do you think this ever could be done with the blind in mind? Thanks for any ideas on how this could be done. Mainly they are practiced in NM, CO, Florida, and other places around the nation.

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