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Art and being blind

I am so glad I found this, I really need this. My name is Ben Sack. I am blind in my right eye and have been since I was born. For as long as I can remember I have loved to draw and have gotten quite good at it. I have been comissioned by schools to paint murals as well as doctors and principles to paint private and personal paintings. . I am also a black belt in Karate, a soccer player and trumpeter. And now only recently I have found myself questioning my depth perception. My parents would talk about my depth perception and such but I feel I have always seen the same way as everyone else. I know I don't know any other way of seeing but I can't imagine it being anything different or better than how I see now. As a student enrolled in the art program at the University I attend I am required to take basic drawing courses. This semester is the first time ever I have questioned my ability to see because of a comment my professor made. He noticed I was having difficulty rounding my circles on the right side so after class he asked me if I was blind and I told him yes. He then asked my what major I wanted to go into, I said illustration and architecture. The way he responded surprised me. His eyes widen and in his russian accent he said "what about figure drawing?" I was kind of surprised by the way he reacted and since then I have questioned my own ability in perceiving the surrounding world. My dream has always been to be an artist and now for the first time I find myself questioning that dream. I just want to know if someone who has been blind in their right eye their entire life is capable of having the same depth perception as someone with two perfectly healthy eyes. Thank you so much........

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Re:Art and being blind

i am an artist many ribbons many pieces of art. have been drawing since i was 8,i am now 65. i have end stage glaucoma. but thats fine,god has blessed me in more way's than you know. i'm still going strong. i work now in gel and ball-point pens. have done metal sculpture,murals ,oil w/c, etc. i work with detail. my e-mail is i live in yorba linda ca.

Re:Art and being blind

Artist Jay Lonewolf will unveil his new work, Wall Street Totem, at the Mario Flores Gallery in North Miami on Friday, October 31, 2008, 6 p.m.-11p.m. Lonewolf, who suffers from rod monochromacy, or complete color blindness, recently completed a new series of works which depicts the current U.S. economic crisis. Lonewolf said Wall Street Totem is “a statement about America's current economic crisis and how it has spiraled into the largest financial shock since the Great Depression.” Lonewolf can see only in black and white or grayscale. His new series about the climate on Wall Street explodes in vibrant colors and textures, spawning a 3D effect. The new exhibition opens Friday, October 31, and continues through November.

Re:Art and being blind

I have had vision in both of my eyes for all of my life until 1and 1/2 years ago. I am losing vision in my eyes. You ask a wonderful question. I am an artist, I love painting, I am trying to work in clay now because of my vision changing what seems to be rapidly. However I have always had trouble with depth perception in a small way. I worked very hard to get a BS degree in Art. Art is how you see the world. My love for art was in me every since I was very young. DO NOT let anyone tell you differently Art is in the heart and eyes of the person making it. You may see things in a different way but who is really to say what is correct or not. Art is in you. I say go for your dreams keep on going forward and reach for the stars. One artist to another good luck Sincerely Jeannie

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