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Art and Literary Journal: Call for Submissions

We are excited to announce that Exceptions, a new art and literary journal for students with visual disabilities, is currently accepting submissions for its inaugural issue. This journal offers a space for creative expression and open dialogue, publishing work that engages in original ways with issues of vision and sightedness. By gathering a talented and diverse pool of contributors to share their stories and artistic ideas, Exceptions strives to build a vibrant creative community and reach audiences on an international scale.

Exceptions invites submissions of creative work produced by visually impaired students in the following four categories:
• Fiction
• Nonfiction (autobiographical narratives, personal essays, etc.)
• Poetry
• Other media (music, film, visual and tactile arts, etc.)
Our reading period is from July 1st to November 1st, 2013. Selected work will be published online on a rolling basis, with new content being posted to our website on August 15th, October 15th, and November 15th, with our inaugural print edition to follow in early December. For more information, please visit

Exceptions aims to be more than just an exciting new forum for creative self-expression. We believe that the work produced by our contributors has the potential to push boundaries and redefine notions of ability. We’re looking for stories that are compelling and urgent, that express the rich complexities of life, that have the potential to change hearts and open minds. Whether you are a practiced writer or a first-time poet, we at Exceptions hope that you will utilize our platform to share your voice, words, and ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.

To submit work to the journal, please view the submission guidelines online at Questions and comments can be directed to us at Stay up-to-date by liking our Facebook page at

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Art and Literary Journal website seems to be a well-designed website. It loads fine and seems to work well. Perhaps the person who had difficulty with it before wants t try it again. Nice idea. Good luck with the project.

Re: Art and Literary Journal: Call for Submissions

I am interested in contributing to your journal, but I have a few questions for you. First, your links do not appear to be working. Is there any other way to access the information? Secondly, I am only sixteen, is there any age requirement? Thank you for your timeand help.

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