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art installation about blindness and sexuality

Hello, my name's Felipe and I just finished my master's in Anthropology. I researched blindness issues regarding a theatrical/dance group with a play about blindness. Now I'm involved in an artistic installation that comprises of small wooden plaques with braille writings on it, regarding tales about LGBT blind people's sexual life. I'm writing here to know if someone here that is lesbian, gay or transexual would like to be part of it, sending me their narratives. The idea of the project is to make people more conscious about blind people's sex and social life, to dissolve prejudices about disabilities. If someone's interested or know someone who is, contact me please! I'll give more information if needed :) best regards.

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well-designed anthropology study

In these days of concern about privacy and internet security, any study participants need a study design which respects anonimity. Asking for a blind person to email you means asking for that person's email address.
You will give your study participants more privacy with a different type of format. Perhaps you can set up some kind of blog where the user simply registers with a name and password rather than providing you with an email address.
Email harvesting makes people, blind or sighted, nervous because viruses and malware can be passed along so easily.
Study design can often make or break a study and well-crafted studies honor their participants and produce more thoughtful results. I am sure as a budding anthropologist, you know how much of a learning process anthropology is. Good luck.

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