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AVOn and the blind!

Hi! my name is Ashley, I live in North Alabama and I sale AVON. I know that for me, it is hard becase I can't drive and there for can't go door to door or just get out when I would like to. I have found out though, that with AVON, you really don't have to go any where. They now give you your on websight that you can give your friends and people you meet so that they can go on line to shopp. Being that this is your websight any thing that they may by from it goes to you. It makes it a lot easyer for me to shop around for people that nd not have to carry around those big books. If you any of you might be enterested in Saling AVON, or, byingAVON please get in touch with me at my e/mail it's a really good opratunity for blind females and me if they so desire.

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