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Baille Pen-Pals

If your interested in braille Pen-Pals
go check out the website
fill out the form and get a braille Pen-Pal

Children can sign up and will be partnered with other children if requested. Parents must supervise communications.

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Re: Braille Pen-Pals

How would you make the idea of penpals writing back and forth in braille more friendly to all blind people, regardless of where they live?
I ask because I am actually a bit surprised at the idea of its present form being friendly to blind people living in countries with more technology. To my way of thinking, the more technology, the more likely a braille reader is to use refreshable braille and perhaps not write braille on paper much at all.
Braille writers are expensive enough for some people to opt out of buying them if they own a refreshable braille reading device of some sort. Please do write back with comments.

Re: Baille Pen-Pals

I do not think this is disable friendly
Do we communicate using letters email?

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