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baseball for the blind

i'm coaching a little league baseball team and i have a young girl who is blind and this is her first time playing. I was hoping someone could advise me on some of the most effective methods to help her master the game....we have a beep ball but i need to learn how i can help her w/ batting, running and catching since im not sure that we would be able to use the ball for all players. I would really appreciate any help as i am hoping this will encourage more visually and hearing impaired children to join our teams.

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Re:baseball for the blind

you could go to which is the website for the united states association of blind athletes and they may have some suggestions.

Re:baseball for the blind

I played Beep Ball before. It would work with the other players. They will understand that she is blind and they will play her way. That is how I do it in high school.


Re:baseball for the blind

Dear friend, I'm not an expert, I know very little of baseball. However, the best thing you can do with visually impaired is to be yourself and show the best of what you can do. Be sure, they'll appreciate and admire you. You know, when in dout, just be yourself. As for technical suggestions, only someone expert in the field can give you a hand. Mine was only a suggestion from a blind person who knows how hard it is to cope with it. Good luck... Take care!

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