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Blind Pokemon Game Help/ Blind Geek Forum

So, I'm a sighted man who's been thinking about adapting Pokemon Silver for blind people. If I'm going to do this, I'd need a test audience, because when verbally describing the world, I want to see what descriptions resonate with my blind audience the most. For example, I would imagine that blind people don't care much that Pikachu is yellow, but they would care that he is about a foot tall, has short, soft fur and chubby cheeks, and a tail that's naturally as jagged and crooked as the chaotic path of lightning crashing to earth.

Also, I would like to get in touch with a blind geek forum so that I can get the largest sample pool possible for my test audience, and also so that I could reach out to my audience to let them know that my product exists. It'll be free, since I'd never steal profit from Nintendo by charging for it.

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Re: Blind Pokemon Game Help/ Blind Geek Forum


I've been connecting VI gamers with sighted developers who are interested in developing blind-accessible games. I've seen so many projects fail because the developer didn't have a firm understanding of blind-accessibility or the blind community. If you'd like to speak further and get in touch with gamers who have expressed they'd like to test games, you can reach me at



Re: Blind Pokemon Game Help/ Blind Geek Forum

Hi. I think adapting Silver is a great idea, and I'd like to offer some insight on this.
In fact, things like color of Pokemon are important along with the other things you mentioned, because many people with impairments used to have sight but have lost it. There's an adaptation I've tested of Pokemon red and blue in beta called Braillemon which is an excellent example of what features are helpful to implement; I'd highly recommend checking it out for reference. Also, the site on which it is located, audio, is very popular for blind people to find accessible games on, so I'd consider posting it there as well.
Please keep us posted on any updated info on the project. it's always fantastic to have another accessible game.

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