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blind swimmers

I am a swimmer and I really want to meet others who compete. my best strokes are butterfly and freestyle although I could do without the fly. I love the sport because you only have to adapt a very little. this is the one time of day where my disablity deosn't have to be the foccus of my thinking. to all blind swimmers out there this is for you

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Re:blind swimmers

Hey Deveon,

I think the device would be cool. At least it sounds neat. I know it would help me and probably other people that are visually impaired. When I do backstroke I'm always running into the lane line and since I can't see the flags it would probablly help. Hope this helps you.

Re:blind swimmers


I love to swim too, I think it is great. Right now I do special olympics, but it is kinda hard cuz I'm the only person their with vision problems. I like all the strokes pretty much, but my favorite is backstroke even though I go croked.

Re:blind swimmers


I hope your all well. My father is very ill at the moment with Quinsey. He could not get to sleep and so he desided to design something that would help people like to to be able to swim but first i was hoping i could ask your opinions, as i don't know what it is like to be in your position. Any way... The idear was that it would be straped round the head and on top and would have batterie running sensors that would sense the sides of the pool and if you got to close it would beep. The closer you get the fast it bleeps. We were hoping to price it at about £20.00.

Thank you hope you can help.


Re:blind swimmers

A group of us just started swimming competitively, well, sort of. We're a track team that has started doing triathlons. We train mostly in a pool, but the tris are in open water.

Does anyone have ideas for guiding techniques in open water? Right now we each have a guide who swims alongside and shouts directions. It works fairly well, but I, for one, don't swim very straight.

Re:blind swimmers

Hey...I think I know you. Is your name by any chance Olivia? If so, I'm coming to yor party!

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