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blind voice students

I recently began taking voice lessons. My teacher is having trouble explaining how to shape pure choral vowels 7that is with the lips rounded) Dhas anyone ever taken lessons and experienced this problem? What did you find helpful?

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Re:blind voice students

I don't know if this would help but I know of a vocalist that used the vawls of the alphabet to explain things to a student
But it was a bit of a comedy act but he was like ah , a, oh ,oo
And when they started working on projection he said picture your voice like an umbrella and then he was like ah-ooga, a-ooga and so on
He also mentioned something about chewing your tounge and going wooow
But probably if you go with the one that responded before me it would work better

Re:blind voice students

Do you mean the teacher physically moved his mouth or what exactly do you mean?

Re:blind voice students

My son took voice lessons. The teacher let made the shape with his own mouth, and let my son touch his mouth to feel the shape and duplicate it. It took several attempts, but this kind teacher understood the importance of allowing my son to 'see' with his hands. Another suggestion is to enlist the help of a speech therapist to attend a lesson with you. A local university often provides students who are willing to volunteer in this way. Hope this helps and best of luck.
Sincerely, Susan Singler

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