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Braille playing cards

My 88 year old blind mother died recently. In distributing her household items we discovered 19 Braille imprinted decks of playing cards. They are in good shape. She used these decks when she played Bridge with her friends. I would ship these to anyone or any organization that could use them. Please contact me at

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Re:Braille playing cards

I am an activity director in a nursing home . I have three blind residents who are in need to playing cards . you can contact me at 410-554-6352

Re:Braille playing cards

Hi all!
Right now I'm a student in rehabilitation and technology. I'm interested in card and board games for people with visual impairment. I'm trying to understand how they manage to play card games, when the moves or plays rely on what is happening on the table, besides what the player has on his/hers hands.
Could you help me with this please?

Re:Braille playing cards


Re:Braille playing cards

well, you could certainly send them to the nfb.
1800 jhnson street
Baltimore Maryland 21230

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