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My mom has macular and glaucoma. She crocheted for years and won't pick it up anymore. But she has talked about doing needlework again. Is anyone aware of crafts like this that she could do? Thanks.

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I know when I was in high school I made something neat. Their were strings connected to a border and you threaded different collors over under motion to make a design. You tied the thread that was on the needle at the end of a row. At the bottom you tied two of the strings that were in the border together. I'm sorry, but I can't remember what it is called, but this might be a idea for neddling. I thought this might be a good idea because she could feel the strings. Good luck.


I have been loseing my sight to glaucoma and have learned to crochet by feel. It takes a little longer and you kind of have to keep patterns and colors simple depending on how much you can see but it is possible. You just have to count a lot lol. I have been looking for aides for cross stitch and can't find any besides basic magnification.


When I was growing up there was an organization that employed those visually impaired to either repair or redo the caning of old chairs. If you know of a similar group near your location you may have found an enjoyable pastime that pays. For a limited time, as I am in the process of moving, and for those in the vicinity of Lawrenceville N.J. I am offering a Victorian Walnut Cane Rocker that is ready for finishing and caning. Paste in your browser's address bar.


There is a site called it has a lot of needle point, knitting, and many crafts. It is full of free patterns, and it is screen reader friendly. There is alot of information also at
hope this helps.


You might want to check out the hobbies and crafts page on AFB Senior Site for some tips and info.

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