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Cultural exchange.

Extrabilia, a company dedicated to disabled people, is glad to promote a cultural exchange program which includes disabled people from different countries of the world.
It consists of an experience of giving and receiving mutual hospitality, that based on the decision of each member, can be free or paid.
Staying in a foreign country offers many advantages and opportunities.
First of all, it allowsan interesting immersion in the language, culture, habits of the inhabitants of the host country.
Moreover, you can teach and learn to each other, comparing different behaviors, attitudes and lifestyles of persons who live the same condition of disability.
This way of traveling also has economic advantages; on the other hand, friendship and integration will be more immediate than an usual trip.
Each member of the program will receive a form to fill out.
This questionary will give members the possibility to tell something about their personality, hobbyes, habits, explaining the type of hospit desired, their favourite country and period to realize the exchange.
Please, for more information,contact:

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Re: Cultural exchange.

Do you do india?

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