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Deaf and recently blind - Help!

I work with a woman who is a high functioning special needs person, has been Deaf all her life (communicates using sign language), and recently became completely blind. She is doing ok emotionally, but I wanted advice on something.

She LOVES to play BINGO. She will happily play by herself for hours, but the only thing she does is turn the wheel, pick up the ball that comes out, put into a cup, and repeat.

I want her to be able to actually play the game by herself. Is there a way I can do this without braille? She is able to feel and count numbers on a Dominoes tile. Maybe I can make something, but I wanted to check and see if you experts had any ideas?

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Re: Deaf and recently blind - Help!

I am working with a company that is into making electronic travel aid for the visually impaired. After an extensive research we have come up with a device that is in the shape of a ring and can be worn in your finger.It would be great if we could be of any help to the community fighting with low vision.

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Re: Deaf and recently blind - Help!


Have you been able to think of a way for this lady to play bingo?

Can you detail the tasks she cannot currently do independently? I want to understand a little better.

Also, is she working with a local agency who serves people who are blind/ visually impaired?

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