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Design for Visually Impaired and Blind People

Hi everyone, my name is Eve, an international student who is study in Interior Architecture in Ohio. I am doing a space design project for one of my major studio classes. The idea of my project is to design a public community for both visually impaired/blind people and sighted people. A place where visually impaired or blind people feel more comfortable to showing themselves and enjoy the community where providing safety entertainment programs and relaxed environment in a creative way. This community would include an art gallery that is especially convenient for people who are visually impaired or blind. An environment helps people seeing and understanding art differently. According to my design philosophy, I would like to consider the whole space as a bigger art piece. Let sighted people get to know more about people who are visually impaired or blind. In order to accomplishing my goal, I started to research online and want to get in touch with people who are visually impaired and will be the focus clients and user of my space; therefore, I hope I can get chances to chat with some of these people and doing an interview with just several questions that are related to my design. Are you guys interested in this topic and would like to help me? Do you know anyone who might be interested in having a talk with me? I would like to make friends with people :)

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Re: Design for Visually Impaired and Blind People

Hi,we created a media browser app for blind and low vision users.
Its called 335 for its user interface, 3 buttons 3 buttons 5 buttons, 335

You can navigate music media on your device or 1000s of radio streams online. We are workingon bringing podcasts next.

Please check it out or reccomend to anyone..

Re: Design for Visually Impaired and Blind People

Innovations are useful only if it solves a purpose which traditional methods don’t. One such innovation is Live Braille Mini, which is an electronic travel aid for the visually impaired.

Well,how is it different and how does it solve the purpose that a cane can’t do. It is a fully wearable device which fits into your finger.Say good bye to those heavy canes!

It works on SONAR which sends haptic feedback in the form of vibrations and allows you to spot obstacles from a fair distance increasing your mobility by almost 60%.

Visit to know more.

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Re: Design for Visually Impaired and Blind People

Hopefully a few individuals will be interested.

I will say that folks who are blind/ visually impaired are already comfortable in public settings (just as sighted folks are). Perhaps though, particular acoustics are preferred for travel ease...don't know for sure.

As for art, now that we can work with! Creating a tactually or even auditorily interesting gallery would be a great starting place for your project.

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