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Do you write humorous articles, slogans, or greeting cards? I’d like to talk with you.

Hello Everyone,

I would like to talk with anyone out there who may be employed, or operating a business whereby humor is the essential selling point. For instance, do you write humorous articles, or slogans? Do you create, or sell funny products, such as t-shirts, greeting/note cards, plaques,
refrigerator magnets, gag voice mail greetings, etc.

Currently, I am the owner of an online art print business,
Over the past year, or so, I've been contemplating an entirely different type of business that will be humor oriented. It features outrageous, fictitious business names with their even funnier corresponding tag lines. My working title is called, "JD's Bogus Business Cards. This product line may include, note cards, t-shirts, complete with a crazy cartoon, even gag voicemail messages. To date I've created 146 business names with corresponding slogans.

If you work in, create, or sell products with a humorous theme, I would love to hear from you. However, anyone is welcome to reply, if you are interested, want to hear some of my wacky biz names/slogans, or have any advice to contribute.

Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you! -- John

John D. Lewis, Harrisburg, PA

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Re: Do you write humorous articles, slogans, or greeting cards? I’d like to talk with you.

I don't own a business or anything, but I would love to help out. My humor is mostly sarcastic, but people find me sort of funny. I would love to hear some of what you have. Thanks

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