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Finding the right person!

My son was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at the age of 5. Little did I know, at the time, that arthritis could effect your eye sight. By the time I did find out, several years later, the damage was already done. I remember having a conversation with him one day when he was around 9 years old. I happened to notice that he had one green eye and one blue eye (his eyes are originally blue). I panicked and took him to the optometrist who immediately knew something was wrong after the medical exam. He referred him to a specialist who examined him and asked me if my son had been diagnosed with arthritis and I said yes. The specialist said that damage had occurred due to the fact. Apparently, he was diagnosed with uveitis, which in turn caused retina detachment in his left eye. He was referred to Wake Forest in North Carolina. From there he had many surgeries on both eyes. He developed cataracts in both eyes and had the cataracts removed. He was not able to accept the lens that was replaced due to rejection. Basically, he can see out of his right eye if he wears a contact lens, but he can only see color out of his left eye. My son is 20 years old now. He has been through a lot. He battles depression and low self esteem due to the way he feels he looks to everyone else. He is a handsome young man and strong but he has a hard time with rejection. To me and to many other people, you don't notice it a lot. I would love to find him a relationship with someone special who looked past his small flaw but I'm not sure how to go about doing that. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Finding the right person!

Looking at dating websites can surely find someone to date. But for serious relations I would recommend meeting someone from real life activities such joining music lessons or any other course.

Re: Finding the right person!

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Re: Finding the right person!

I am totally blind and used a dating site due to many of the same types of concerns.
In two fashions; the first time I was on a big name pay site, and disclosed my blindness in my profile. in 18 months I had 2 dates.
the second try I did not disclose my blindness, until several email exchanges with prospective dates. this way worked much better as they got to know me first, then looking passed the blindness was easier I guess.
I am now engaged to one of the women I dated.

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