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for manga japanese anime fans

i'm 13,and love manga! i draw it great, too! i am actually entering a contest for tokyopop as well! i love: inuyasha, ranma1/2, vampire game, tokyo mew mew(a la mode), and more! questions,and comments accepted!plz response! are you a manga fan?!What is your fav book??!

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Re:for manga japanese anime fans

My name is Maliea.I am 15. And i also am in love with manga. i started drawing anime when i was 9years old. I still draw today. I have got my drawings and paintings put in art shows. I have also sold some of my art to Japanesse art muesums. And i love to teach other people how easy it is to create such beautiful art


Re:for manga japanese anime fans

Anime is my life! and I stress that 200%. My life has been about japan and its culture.

Hey I'm Jessica,
Japanese(SP?) name... Jessien (its said Jesseen).

my frav shows are induyasha, Naruto, cowboy beebop, tenchi moyo, and many others.

Movies are spitirted away, castle in the sky, and kiki. I also like Akira, and blood: the last vampire.

I'm great at drawing Anime, and I've acoplished three awards from my states fairs.

I wish you luck in that contest, I know its hard, and if you want I'll be here!.


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