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Fun place for blind adults to talk and make friends

Hello all,
There's this fun place I go to called TalkShop and I didn't know if anyone has gone on the line from here before, but it would be great to talk to some folks who have, or would like to join. We're working on getting a website up and running, and we have an e-mail list for folks to join if they wanna know when the meetings will be happening. There's all kinds of groups and activities going on now, like a schools for the blind conference, a guide dog group, a relationship group, and book club, and more. We're looking to start a singles group if anyone is interested. you have to be 18 or older to call. The Number is 724-444-3592. Hope to talk with you all soon.

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Talk Shop has a new number!


hello to all AFB Messageboard readers and posters,

I would like to inform everyone here that Talk Shop has a new number. Once again, the disclaimer is that anyone wishing to call in must be 18 years of age or older. Being blind or sighted isn't a requirement, although most of the people I've have met on the line have been blind. Now, with that bit of notice done with, I think the line would be a nice way for us here to talk to each other and make some friends from all over North America. Smiley.

The number is: 610-769-9132

I like this line because generally there are different rooms where the older crowd and the younger crowd tend to gravitate towards, but since it's such a friendly social group, people do tend to mix around depending on interests and topics. I especially like that because if I wanted advice on anything, I would talk to either group, be it to the older ladies on how to hem pants or which alternative techniques to use while cooking a particular meal, or to the older guys about how to fix things or how to run a happy household, or to the younger girls or guys about fashion, or to either group about topics pertaining to dating. There are both guys and girls that I can share information about computers and technology with, and there are others that have done deejaying work and sound engineering.

Different folks usually call in during the evenings from any timezone, although the younger crowd is usually on during the wee hours of the night. And, yes, on occasion, I have discovered the older crowd there too. Smiley.

As mentioned in the initial posting, there are different groups that one can participate in depending on the schedule. There is a group for uncensored improv on Saturday evenings, there is a group for guidedog users, a group for radio hobbyists, a games group, a Christian prayer group, and other groups that I can't think of right now. Or, for during non scheduled times and events, just calling in and talking to folks is nice too.

So, call in to the main number, follow the prompts, and if it is your first time out, press number 1 to head on over to the welcome room and hopefully someone will be there to welcome you. Alternatively, you could press number 2 at any location and then bounce around through twenty different rooms using the pound and 0 keys in order to see what's currently going on. for a quick rundown of the day's scheduled events, press number 5 at any location to listen to the bulletin board where anyone can leave public voice messages.

If it's your first time out, and if you have gallons upon gallons of bad ass courage coursing through your veins, then you can leave a message on the bulletin board introducing yourself, telling folks your name and interests and how or where you heard of Talk Shop.

Smiley. You can even start off by saying, “This is my first time out here, and my name is . I have gallons and gallons of bad ass courage running through my veins, and this is why I can leave this voice message. My interests are...”

Note, not all rooms have been given out to groups yet, so don't think that their avoiding you because your new. Being mean to you is for later on after they actually get to know you and don't like you because of how you look. Smiley. Nah, just kidding. You can feel comfortable and come on in. If you just want to call in and listen, that will be fine too.

Second note, since it is a new line, there may be technological difficulties during the evenings where the call traffic is greater. Hang up, and wait a little before calling in again. I hope this intermittent problem gets resolved sometime in the near future because it can be annoying at times.

Alright, AFB readers and posters, I think that will do for now, and I look forward to meeting all of you on Talk Shop, especially the cooler ones around these here parts. WinkingSmiley.

Signed, your friendly neighborhood superhero,
Formerly posting as Matrix and RenegadeMatrix


Re:Fun place for blind adults to talk and make friends


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