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Games for the Blind

I work for a 90 yr old woman who is blind in one eye and has limited vision( shapes and colors only) in the other... I would love to have her play our Wii as she once was a professional bowler can this game be adapted for her??

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Re: Games for the Blind

Playing outdoor games and running freely just got possible! Try out the Live Braille Mini. It has two ultrasonic sensors that work in tandem to detect how far an obstacle is,what direction it is in.
Sense and grow in confidence

Re: Games for the Blind

I just released and audio game for iPhone or android.

Its an outdoor game. Try to find 6 targets using sound directions.

Re: Games for the Blind

I've also heard about such things as audio "video games' -- maybe worth looking into those! More here:

- Michelle

Re: Games for the Blind

If she still has some vision, a larger screen may help as well. If she has trouble still, you may try adjusting the contrast for the colours to stand out more.

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