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How many people here have every payed Goalball or Torball? It's so much fun! It's a sport especially adapted for the blind; you wear eyeshades to level the playing field (so to speak). There is a bell ball which is hurled back and forth between two groups of three people. It's played in the Paralympics and is an official game by the ISBA. Anyone else here played it?

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My name is Amanda i am a goalball player i play for the georgia team i would like to meet some people who wanna play i like peoples entusiasim hey email me


hi. I'm very excited to see there's people on this interested about goal ball. Well I must let you know that I'm a goal ball player. I play for Atlanta Team, I attended many goal ball ternaments if you have any question about goal ball, or maybe become friend of mine, you can email me at thanks hope to hear from you, and hopefully I can help you. 2


If you have questions feel free to email me. My email is



This link send you to the International Blind Sports Federation webpage. It has links that will guide you to rules and regulations, competions near you, equipment and much more.

This website has equipment, rules, tournament information and tons of stories/atricles about Goalball.


Your enthusiasm for Goalball is wonderful. Do you have any information on how potential players can get involved? Equipment, teams and leagues – any other information?

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