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Guitar and/or Bass Players?

I'm visually impaired and play bass in an alternative rock band. We're wanting to get stage tuners for our live performances so the crowd isn't subjected to the grating sound of strings being tuned. I've been looking online at different tuners, and most of them use a meter or gauge style readout that would be impossible for me to see - especially in a dim club or bar. Are there any low vision guitarists or bassists who have found a very easy-to-see tuner? I like the ones that use bright, red and green LED displays to indicate whether you're on pitch (green), or sharp or flat (red). It'd be nice to find one like this that sat on the floor of the stage, and had a very large display. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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Hi Mina B. I have one for sale in Akron, OH. Its about $2000 new but this one was barely ever used by my mom before she went blind. I can sell it for $500 and can find out how much shipping is. Its called an Aladdin and it can adjust print from newsprint up to 3 inches. Great for reading, paying bills, etc. Perfect gift for elderly vision impaired people, especially macular degeneration.
Kimber J

Re:Guitar and/or Bass Players?

I am currently working with an individual with low vision and need help with his accommodations. He can't read his guitar sheet music while performing at weddings and other solo classical gigs. He currently memorizes all of the music by scanning the sheet music into the computer and reading it using ZoomText. We tried the Jordy, table mount magnifying glasses, and the MyReader. he does not want anything large in front of the guests and none of it has really worked anyways. Do you have any ideas that I can try with my consumer.


Re:Guitar and/or Bass Players?

You might check out the blind-guitarist list on yahoogroups. Simply send an email to to subscribe to the list. I believe someone over there was talking about accessable tuners some time back.


Re:Guitar and/or Bass Players?

Just wanted to let you know that the best tuner that I have used as far as being easy to see is made by YAMAHA. It is relatively cheap...only around 20 bucks...the LED light is a neon green color (when in tune) and a bright red (when not in tune).
There is also another one made by YAMAHA that has a high pitch sound when you are in tune and a low pitch sound when you're not. I am not sure how much the second one ususally runs...but it would be well worth it...
that's all that I can offer as far as "tuner" advice...hope it was helpful...angelwolf

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