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Guitar calluses and Braille ok?

Hi, I am considering learning to play a classical guitar. I am wondering if the calluses you need to develop to be a good guitarist interfere with reading braille? My left hand would be used for both reading and pressing the strings. Is ther a way around this? Thanks in advance for responses..

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Re:Guitar calluses and Braille ok?

The calis's do not effect reading braille at all. I have been playing for about ten to eleven years, (I'm eighteen, just for your info,) and I've never had any problems with it.
Good luck!

Re:Guitar calluses and Braille ok?

Hi, I hope this response isn't too late. You'll have to forgive me, im not familiar with which part of your fingers are used to read braille, but unless its with your finger tips, you should be okay. This is assuming you read braille with the palm side of your fingers, if im mistaken my apologies. Im a long time guitar player and I had never realized that the calluses I rarely think about could stop someone from being able to read.

Re:Guitar calluses and Braille ok?

hi dear,how r u?????/

Re:Guitar calluses and Braille ok?

I've been wondering the same thing. I started to do a little guitar this summer but i don't read braile during the summer. But the calises i developed went away before school started. but with them i'm guessing it would be somewhat difficult.

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