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has anyone gon hiking?

I think hiking is really fun, and I would like to go hiking soon!

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Re:has anyone gon hiking?

I took my pet dog with me on a hike today my cane found most of the tree roots it was great

Re:has anyone gon hiking?

As said prior, many people who are blind or visually impaired participate in outdoor activities. Many hike, climb, run, ski and more. You should also look into the sports available from and usparalympics. You don't have to compete in these organized sports, but it is another option. Hiking is a great exercise and I intend on doing it this weekend depending on the weather.

I think there are many methods or systems people utilize when doing these activites, but you have to find out what works for you. I utilize friends to help spot, they will let me know what is coming up ahead. I use a very sturdy walking stick when hiking. I keep my cane with me. You just have to go at a pace that works for you.


Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:has anyone gon hiking?

Lots of blind folks hike with friends, run with clubs such as Achilles Track Club and generally get good exercise. Those of us with guide dogs take them with us. The dogs love it and also stay fit. All in all, I encourage you to find a friend and hit the trail.

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