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Hello! Friends? (=

Hi, my name is chris. i'm new here.

although, i'm not blind i would love to make frien ds, who i can help, talk to, & ultalmately share a good time with.

i am vision-filled, i'm very kind & i'd be glad to help or just be a to buddy to talk to, as helping cross the street, to listening & hearing what's up, =)

not that you guys, can't fully do stuff on your own, just that if i want to help you, it's because i care about you guys, that's what friends are for.

have a a nice day.

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Re: Hello! Friends? (=

Hello Chris,
My name is Abby. It's nice that you want to help blind people. That's what I like in a friend.
I can be your friend if you would like me too. I'm in my 20s now.
Write back if you want to chat more!

assistance from sighted folks while I am getting around as a blind person

One of the most dangerous and annoying disruptive things sighted people do is attempt to help me cross the street. Please, if you are inspired to assist somebody across the street, do the following. Keep yourself from touching the person. Ask quietly if the person needs assistance. Be willing to listen when the person says he or she is doing fine and actually does not need your assistance. Sighted people forcing assistance on blind folks is one of the hazards of traveling independently with a cane or dog. I mean it. Please please resist that urge.

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