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Hey all!!!

Hey I am #ae And am hoping to talk to peopae with the same interest as me. Any questions you may have are welcomed because I can promise I will not be offended. Btw, I am completely blind and using a braillenote so any suggestions are welcomed.

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Re: Hey all!!!

Hi Rachel,

What type of writing do you do? I would love to hear about it.

I am an amateur writer and enjoy discussing story telling with others.

Re: Hey all!!!

Hey everyone. I'm 30 and visually impaired since age 4. I lost my vision do to cancer. But no worries now. I am looking for friends and maybe more if it's in the cards. I help teach special education students in an elementary school. I'm also brand new to this sight. I have a hard time meeting new people and especially that special woman. I live in Missouri too. Ummm...I don't really know what else to say. hahaha Maybe I'lll hear from someone.

Re: Hey all!!!

howdy, howdy! I am Rachel, a bit older than y'all. me and my friends use to run around this place, *grins* most of them haven't been back but I was sure I remembered my log in info, so I guess I am back if folks are still here? *smiles*
I am 21, love mysteries, Harry potter, love music I am a folky, I can't play much of anything but I love and follow the folk traditions, I like older music, and am a creative writing student, love to talk to ya.

Re: Hey all!!!

hey white cane,
What are some things you are interested in. To give you an idea of what I am interested in, I love to read mystery and mythology and romance, and I like to listen to music. Pretty much any kind will due. Also, I love to play piano, drums, guitar, and I like to sing as well. I was actually able to sing at a Phillys game a few years ago. Btw, if you'd rather email instead of this forum you can at any time reach me by emailing Also please put afb in the subject the first time you email. Btw, my birthday is on may #28. Al, to add on to the things i'm interested in list I plan on being a food critic or singer/songwriter when I am older. I am actually writing music now. So, what are some of your interests?

Re: Hey all!!!


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