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I love to sing

I love music because I remember my handsome boyfriend last year his name Pril Boy Rejino.

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Re:I love to sing

You need a manager to be involved in every aspect of your career. If you're serious about being a singer and have the look, the talent and the dedication and live in the New York City area, write me at desertisle2000 @ yahoo .com(no spaces) . Send us your photo and a bio about your experience or dream to be a singer and location for consideration. Good luck.

looking for the love of my life a great singer like you honey.Re:I love to sing

hello sexy did you finally bocome a great singer allready since two yeras have pased since then so if you want to talk to me, or contact me you can do that at candyman316@hotmail, and this same e-mail address is my instant messenger address on windows live messenger okay sweetheart, and I hope that you are still single as well could tell me your age when you contact me okay honey, since I am a 31 yearrs old Cubqan man legally blind man as well.

Re:I love to sing

Have you ever thought of Trying out for American Idol? Here is what I think would be best for yourselves. Let other people judge how well you sing and go from there. If you try to go to the website They will help you with any information that you are seeking. Good Luck!!!!!!!! Don't forget that my name is Kate who gave you this Info.

Re:I love to sing

Let us help you to promote your singing talent.............

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Re:I love to sing

i want to be a singer when i'm 15

Re:I love to sing

What! your boyfriend was april boy! JAWS!! in love you. How about Manix.

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