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Ideas Needed for Small Romantic Gift

Hi. I hope this isn't a double posting. The post I just wrote didn't appear in the message boards. :( Maybe it's because I didn't select any tags last time?

I have a crush on my physical therapist, who is blind. The attraction was instant and is mutual. (We do not live in the United States. There is no risk of him losing his job, his license or being sued.)

This coming Monday, December 22, will be my sixth and last session with him. The only things I know about him are from the conversations we've had during the last five therapy sessions. His age. That he's single. That he went blind in the 7th grade. That he's taking singing lessons and has learned to play the harmonium. That he has a younger brother and sister. Because I've kissed him, I know he smokes cigarettes.

I want to get him some kind of Christmas / thank you gift. I don't want to overdo it because this is really early in the dating stage. I have no experience with blind people, so I'm looking for ideas. Whatever I end up gifting him, I will definitely wrap it in velvet ribbon. That should be nice.

Thanks in advance for the brainstorming!

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Re: Ideas Needed for Small Romantic Gift

Hey HJ, I know I am a tad bit late to this conversation but I am a frequent visitor to this site as my husband of 33 years is blind. He turned 60 a few months back so I had to get him something extra special. After browsing the internet for approximately 2 months, I came across a company called Songfinch that creates customized songs based on anything I want. I put a lot of information about our past, we met at a Boston Red Sox game :) and a few other details that only him and I know about and in a couple days I was given a song by what is now one of our favorite artists that we listen to together. I hope that this service can help others connect with a loved one that may have lost sight like it did with me and my Bubba (that’s what I call him and it made the song).

Re: Ideas Needed for Small Romantic Gift

If you think of the kind of gift you might give any other man in a similar circumstance rather than focusing on his blindness, you may come up with a good gift idea by yourself. Otherwise, you can put "gift" into the Search Box on this site for holiday gift ideas and links to various sources of blindness-specific products.

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