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Looking for a blind person

I was wondering if someone here can help me find out about someone I have lost touch with a long time ago. I have lost his contact info, but I know that
he is in his 30ies and that he is a totally blind American guy called Kevin. I believe he has studied in Pliladelphia and at Oxvord, so if someone here
can help me out, I would really appreciate it. Feel free to give him my contact info as well, if you happen to know who he is. I know this is a weired
way of finding someone, but wasn't sure how else I could do it. If you think you may know anything about this individual or if you maybe know him in person, feel free to write to me and forward my request to him. My email address is:

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i would like to have a blind gf to dedicate me to her

i am 27 yearl old,virgin,programmer for the army,and cute they say,allways i had troubles with all people i don't understan this world i am whole
loyal it seems like the human values are gone,really i've thinking and i had found the blind people has not loss those values.
this world is cracy,i look like i am holding out for hero,ask GOd,they don't change their feelings,really i would like to have a blind couple
really since i was 13 years old i heard the men repeat,how is the another GF without to mention the three,never i was like that.
without to mention when i say i am virgin they laught :S this world is mad,they often give me the counsil to drink or to smoke,to be cute is reason to sin????

why in this site there is not? the speaker navigator,????i refer text to speech, i am programmer any help,there are a computer world softwares,for blind people
to recognize the computers commands such as to read that all is in the screen,text i refer, i am developer,use to install these softwares just take minutes.

maybe is a blind women men needs my help of course i'll help for nothing here my data below.i am thinking to create web dedicated to help and to meet blind people if someone,
can give ideas for this site, do it i'd like to know a female and blind person and i can show who i am in true.

phone: 00 593 86 99 42 07.
id yahoo msn: dannybbec
web page:

Villamil - PLayas - Ecuador.

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