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looking for blind archers

I am wanting to chat with somebody who is a blind archer. I am wanting to learn how to do archery and need information on how to use a spotter, using foot markers, and more. Please email me at

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Re:looking for blind archers

I wouldn't mind getting back into the sport. I used to shoot when I was a teen (was still sighted then too). I am 45 now and really needing an outlet. I'd like to try some form of martial arts (I need better balance and control than I do), bike riding (either by sound or on a tandem), hiking, camping and even archery. I am seeking to be active mostly because I have been inactive for so long. My time for feeling sorry for myself is long over. now i want to do something.

Re:looking for blind archers

ha ha ha, you should be a comedian. There is more to it than that. I am trying to find a hobby and I have heard many blind people do this in the U K and I know of a few in the U s.
It is smart asses like you that need a hobby instead giving lame advice.

Re:looking for blind archers

Just aim at the target and let the arrow fly.


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