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looking for some one to date

my name is Michael I am looking fore some one to date and hang out. I would like some one between 38 and 45, how ever its not set in stone

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Looking for someone to date


I am looking for a female in Palm Beach county are to date. I want to be talk and be friends first, getting to know each other and go slow. Respect and trust are two things that has to be earned, Right?

I would like someone between the ages of 25-30. I don't judge and I hate labels and stereotypes.

It has been a long time since I dated so please be patience with me.

Best Regards,

Re: looking for some one to date

don't know but its worth a try


I have been reading "Looking for someone to date." messages on AFB boards for years.
People rarely say where they are from. For security reasons taking such precautions on a message board makes terrific sense to me. However, I just wonder what kinds of responses you get.
Do those of you who write such messages actually meet people (for dating, friendship, whatever) in this way? No, I don't mean email back and forth or talk on the phone. I mean, do you actually get together in person at any point?
I know there may be various answers to my questions. As I say, just curious.
For instance, I notice somebody posted one of these messages in the Comments for AFB section. Seems unusual to post there when there are more social parts of these AFB message boards.

Re: looking for some one to date

ok, short and sweet, i am going blind and want a woman who is also going blind. I have RP along with a few other bastard things(only eye related). Not interested in Florence Nightingales, looking for a woman who had it taken away as I did but still wants to have fun. I am 46, short, fat, furry and lonely, just looking for someone who sees what i see.

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