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Looking to date young ( 18-30) woman

I'm a doctoral student pursuing a degree in Political Science. I am 28, moved to the states 8 years ago, and live in MI. I'm looking to meet a nice, caring and open minded women. I'm legally blind, and I can do pretty much anything but driving. I'm looking to move to a big city soon since the transportation is much better, NYC, Chicago or even Dubai. I look forward to get to know people on here.

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Re: Looking to date young ( 18-30) woman

Hi I'm Leah and i also want to have more friends and people to deall with. Like the others, I'm open to make friends and getting to know with them as long as they are ok to have a conversation. hope to hear from you soon. H


First of all, I support your meeting lots of interesting people. There are currently dating and relationship sites which cater to blind and disabled
people and other more general dating sites which people can join. There are listserves
on every conceivable topic where you can get to know others with similar interests.
I am concerned at the number of posts asking me to write to such an such an email
address. Feels a bit creepy, kind of like an email harvesting scam.

Re: Looking to date young ( 18-30) woman


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