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Magazine for blind singles

Blind singles) is a a free electronic magazine that consists of ads of blind singles who would like to find someone for close friendship or relationship. We accept ads of people 18 and above and to subscribe, you can email me at:

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asking folks for their email addresses

Your ad appeared in Braille Forum. You have also posted to blindness-related listserves asking folks to send you their email addresses if interested in a service for blind singles or penpals.
There are a lot of reasons to avoid asking for people's email addresses. Fisching scams or email harvesting may be suspected.
If you truly wish to provide a service, you may want to consider a more secure way of having folks meet.
Other more tech savvy people may have ideas for you. People need a way of speaking to one another in a secure way, if you understand what I mean.
But asking people for their email addresses may just set off security warning bells and sirens for them.

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