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Making comic books accessible

I was wondering if anyone new of any information about comic books being put into a format that is accessible for the blind. I would ike o see comics put into a audio or electronic format.

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Re:Making comic books accessible

This is a great idea. Especially with inexpensive 3d printers becoming more and more popular, perhaps there's a way to make the drawings recognizable to the blind --

Re:Making comic books accessible

I guess it is not a problem to find audio books in the Internet. There are lots of websites. I use shared files SE to download films, music and books. I like Jerome K. Jerome. His book Three Men In A Boat is very vivid ans funny. I'm sure people will like it.

Re:Making comic books accessible

I'm working on making accessible comics as i type I'll post a link to my site which will be totally accessible when i get it set up

bookshare is making comic books accessible

Blind patrons of bookshare can download some titles which include picture descriptions. Volunteers continue to add new titles all the time.

Re:Making comic books accessible

Why don't you ask your local AFB? They can help for sure! Didn't you think about that before? Bye bye, Angela

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