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Movie with a Blind Character

I have a feature length script that I am currently shopping around. It's unique in that it's a heist movie with a full female cast and one of the characters is vision impaired.

I wanted to know if there was anyone who might give it a look over and see if there is anything that is not realistic (though, the script in itself is unrealistic, it's just a fun heist movie.) Would love to get others opinion and also if anyone knows a producer (HAHA, JK.)

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Re: Movie with a Blind Character (or, don't get discouraged yet)

First of all, the last reply should not have assumed you are relying on a physical trait to drive your character. It's so hypocritical when people get offended about assumptions others make about disabled people and then make their own assumptions about those who don't happen to fall into the disabled category. And that goes for any differing perspectives.

Don't get me wrong, if you are actually relying on the fact that they're all female and one's visually impaired, then you're gonna want to change that. But from my understanding, op, you just want to make sure that the experience of blindness isn't misrepresented, correct? Hardly something to attack.

I may be able to help with reviewing if you want. I'm visually impaired and a creative writing major in college currently, so although I don't yet edit professionally I can provide a vision impaired perspective and am used to reviewing work and analyzing critically. Also keep in mind that since I am in college the response may not be immediate, but I will certainly try to be quick if the other commenter hasn't scared you away.

titilating a sighted audience by using a blind character as an object of amusement

You can do better as a writer and show courtesy to your characters even in "fun" movies.
Using a blind character sounds like a gimmick to get the "wow factor" from a sighted audience. Nobody on this site reviews scripts or has a thing to do with the movie industry. So the gimmick of blindness is not going to get you far in the direction of advancing your script here.
Blind people, understandably, dislike being singled out as objects of fun and amusement and this probably goes for your "fun" "unrealistic" movie.
If you rely on a physical trait in a character (blindness, race, being gay, being elderly and perhaps deaf etc) it is a cheap shot. Your character development suffers but you titilate the audience. Think of a movie with a poorly written script but lots of blood and gore or nudity and you may get my drift.

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