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I'm wondering if anybody other than me likes michael more's movies?

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Actually I like one of his movies in particular that I watched in my social work class in college. I was a social work major like last year and we watched Sicko. The documentry director of course right? Well, he is very like in your face isn't he? Well, I think other films I cannot speak on myself personally. Surely there are others out there but it opens your eyes to another view of looking at the world. Christians claim to be christian but don't act it personally. They serve money not a compassionant God and wonder why people resort to the government? Come on man you just don't have a constant, relible and unarbitrary choice in private donations as in the government taxation keynsian economic model structure you know? Common sense to me but not to others because Obama's a socialist right? Stupid term something to be more proud of than be ashamed of personally.

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