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Need tips on flying

I will be flying for the first time since I became blind. Any tips to make my flight comfortable? Lupus

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Re:Need tips on flying

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Re:Need tips on flying

Dear friend, if you are traveling with your husband, then, just relax... However, I never traveled by myself, I always had some one with me... But, I think, there is a special service to help you cope when you are alone... For example, when you take a flight, you should have some help from the staff... You may ask for it... You should contact your travel agency and ask about services for disabled people.... Let me know, I'm curious to see what they can offer... I'm planning to travel alone by next year!

reply to AngelaRe:Need tips on flying

I will be trabveling with my husband. Do you travel by yourself or with someone? I think I will be afraid to travel solo. I am just curious to know, if you have so, like how do you find your way around the airport, how do you get a cab to the hotle???? Lupus

Re:Need tips on flying

Dear friend, what I suggest you is to relax and have a good flight!!!! I'm blind since I was born, and I have flown many times... No problem up to now! Then, if you are afraid of flying, just sit next to your friend, you're not flying alone, are you? Talk about something that interests you the most! That'll be a good way to feel more relaxed and not to think about the flight! Have a good summer break! Angela

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