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New Books in 2012

Im always hoping Tim Butcher creates a new Dresden novel that is available on NLS.

Any good books you are waiting for in 2012?

Donald in Nevada

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Re: New Books in 2012

If anyone cares, I myself have written a book. It's called "Founders' Island" and you can find it on Amazon. It was published in 2012. My second novel is on the way and I am, albeit having trouble, writing a third one.

correction of bookshare mp3 format information

That last format choice ought to have been mp3 files. Please forgive the typo. Note that the mp3 files are not immediately downloadable. If you want to read a bookshare book in mp3, you submit a request. The file is ready for you to download within 24 hours.

formats of bookshare books

I forgot to mention that the bookshare books are downloadable and come in a variety of formats -- everything from DAISY files (suitable for playing on NLS and other machines) MP# files and .brf files which can be read by a braille display.


If you live in the United States, you can become a member of bookshare. Student membership is free. Those living outside of the US can borrow a selection of titles as well.

Re: New Books in 2012

I love to read a lot mysteries and horror are not my favorites at all. I love books that have children in them. I am not talking about childrens books but books with children in the books. For I love children very much. God bless littlebear

Re: New Books in 2012

I am a big fan of Jim Butcher's novels "The Dresden Files" about a modern day wizard. I think book 14 is due out in 2013. All books are available on NLS.
Donald The Blind Webmaster
The US Blind Resource Directory

Re: New Books in 2012

Definitely looking forward to Dresden No. 14, Cold Days, coming up this month. Other than that, there aren't any other books, that I know of, that I'm looking forward to this year. Sanderson is finishing off A Wheel of Time, but that's out next January.

Re:New Books in 2012

Personally, I just love books. I could eat breath and dream about books. I listen to them via audio download onto my IPhone and use them as my form of TV. When I first lost my sight I wasn't a fan of audio books in the least. Now I'm hooked and can't imagine life without them. I am always looking for new authors and genres to get into. Right now I'm in the paranormal genre but love murder mystery, action, suspence, romance, historical, comedy, biographies and pretty much everything I'm not thinking of right now.

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