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New Book:When Delilah Smiles

My author name is Sunnie Day and I would like to introduce my new book "When Delilah Smiles" a fictional story but one that has many similarities in which families may face in raising a child with disabilities. It is my hope that it will bring inspiration and hope to families who have a visually or hearing impaired child. It is a story of a single older mom who begins a journey raising Delilah, who was born deaf and blind. Delilah becomes a beautiful young woman, who fulfills many dreams and many expectations. You may find this book on Amazon. Thank you for your time and God bless. Sunnie

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Re: New Book:When Delilah Smiles

I can't access it as usual.

Re: New Book:When Delilah Smiles

I will be looking for your book thanks! For I like to read a bunch and God bless you too.

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