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new friends

Hi Everyone,
My name is Abby. I would like to make some new friends. I'm in my 20s now. I like to hang out, listen to modern country music, read, and chat with friends. Write back if you want to chat!
Sorry if this comes out weird, my screen reader doesn't work very well.

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Re: new friends

Hi Abby my name is Chris I’m from Philadelphia and a blind musician I’m about to turn 20 you’re more than welcome to email me at just use AFB and the subject so that I know it’s not spam. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Re: new friends

Folks meet other folks because we share common interests. Being blind sometimes brings people together. But blind people usually stay connected because we share common interests. Perhaps we get to know one another because we volunteer with or take part in their book discussion groups. Perhaps we get on a list where we learn to use a screen reader better. Perhaps we attend the monday night sessions of iBUgToday by phone and learn to use our Apple products while meeting others who also use Apple products. Perhaps we take a online course with and meet others who are taking that course. We may get together at a local organization which serves blind people and do things with other blind and low vision folks. Those things can range from cooking classes to playing scrable, to learning to play music to taking parts in sports together. I encourage you to find out what is available to you in your local area, besides seeking friends online.

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