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Online Poem Writing Jobs

Hi! I am looking for a job wherein I can submit or post my poems. I would also like to have friends who enjoy the same thing. Thank you!

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Re:Online Poem Writing Jobs

Hey this has been a year I guess but I think what you're looking for is an online writing site that will pay you for any kind of writing. I would suggest but the online editor does not seem to be accessible. I have been looking for an accessible one for over two years now. I"m glad I found this form and signed up. I hope this helped you to think of what you can type into google. I might try to follow my own advice and type: "accessible content writing sites" or "accessible online writing sites that pay." I know of some others that may work as well so if you have questions, feel free to reply back. Thanks. Take care.

Re:Online Poem Writing Jobs

Thank you! Actually, I consider myself as an ammateur writer. I have just finished a degree which is not related to writing. However, it's been a couple of years since I started writing. So, kindly suggest sites wherein I can submit my work? Thank you once again!

Re:Online Poem Writing Jobs

I think you are looking to submit to literary magazines and poetry publishers. Typically they don't have poets on staff, but take submissions and may pay per piece that "they" decide to publish. It is very competitive and you would be considered a freelance writer (working for yourself). Freelnace writing can be an okay profession if you are a quality writer, put in the hours (a lot of hours), write about needed topics, and make the right contacts with magazines and publishers. Poetry is not the most lucrative of topic areas. There are not a lot of full time jobs that hire persons to write poetry. If you had your Ph.D. there are like fifteen to 20 professor positions in the whole country where your major area would be poetry (as of 2000 or so).

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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