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Hello Friends, i recently was told by my retinoligist that i will be losing the sight in my right eye due to my retina detaching. I had been a Pro-Wrestler for over 4 years and was getting very good. I had even been offered a contract from a very large, well known federation. But due to the damage of my person (being dropped on my head, going through tables on fire face first) my retina was slowly detaching itself and is not able to be reconnected. I cried for a long time and finally started to look for something to do. At first it was hard to even read , write or do anything with the sight good in one eye and barely there and fading fast in the other. I realized i could draw!!!
All my family esp my new husband says that this must be my calling!! He thinks the drawings are so amazing, he thought i should share them with everyone and even possibly offer to draw my friends and thier children/pets.
I have some samples that everyone can see. If any of you like them and would like for me to draw your kids/pets/anyone you love/ me and ill tell you what you need to send me to draw your pic and the price. One Half of my proceeds will be donated to a few charities for the blind......I love penpals too please write me and just say hi!!
Monikka (PENPAL)

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It's hard to deal with the issue of losing your eyesight, but I commend you that instead of having the self pity you are able to came up with drawings that will inspire other people. Keep up the good work.Life must go on cheer up have fun. Maybe you could try to watch Zombieland .The movie looks really funny. So far there's also a big buzz about the "secret" cameo – but at this point it doesn't take a lot of searching to figure out who it is. (Bill Murray, by the way – but he's appearing as Bill Murray, not as a character, which is actually the second time he's done that.) So far the reviews are positive.

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