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Photographer in Boston hit with the reality of blindness

Hello, My name is Curtis Morgan, I am a student at the Art Institute of Boston studying photography. Recently someone very close to me has lost their sight due to diabetes and has made me really appreciate the gift of sight, especially when considering my greatest passion, photography.

I would really like to take full advantage of this opportunity to appreciate, even further, and understand how a person lives and goes about their day without sight. To do this I hope to find someone in the Boston area that will let me briefly photo document their life and present it before my Intro to Documentary class as my final project. If I could, I would photograph my friend who has recently lost his sight but I'm at school in Boston and he is living at my home town in New York.

I would greatly appreciate any help!

Thank you,


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Re:Photographer in Boston hit with the reality of blindness

Hi my name is Tammy I live in Boston if you would like to talk let me no have a great day.

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