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Physical Color Wheel

Hi all, I'm interested to create a physical color wheel for the blind which will help them understand and learn color matching. It will have all the colors on braille and it will have indicators to tell which colors are primary secondary, tertiary, and complementary. I understand that some blind people don't know what colors look like, that's why I was wondering if it can be useful for blind people. For example sighted people use the color wheel as reference all the time for clothing matching, to create art, and designing. I will appreciate a lot your responses thank you.

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Re: Physical Color Wheel

Interesting idea. Did you have any ideas as to the use people might have for it?

Re: Physical Color Wheel

Braille graphics printers can create raised line pictures. I do remember feeling a color wheel such as the one you describe some time in the 1960s in a braille book. Graphical maps and raised line drawings such as the one you describe are produced by National Braille Press. ( for contacts.)

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