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Programs for Visually Impaired People in Chicago

Davis Square Park runs a number of classes for children and adults that are visually impaired. Some of our classes include Daily Living Skills, Leisure Education, Music, Goal, and Judo. For more information please contact CC Moy at 312 747 6107 or via email at

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Re: Programs for Visually Impaired People in Chicago

Hi Christina,
Thanks for posting this. My name is Sam. I'm 24 and totally blind. I live at Friedman Place for blind adults on the northside. I know that your organization has visited Friedman in the past to discuss oppurtunities, and that a couple of the other residents participate in the judo class. Music interests me as I'm a singer, and have participated in voice related stuff since I was 15.
If you or anyone else wants to learn more about friedman place, the website is:

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