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questions about online games

i am wondering is there any online games for visually impaird people which is interesting unlike quiss or other puzzle games. if anyone who could help me with this, i will be greatfull.
thanks in advance.

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Re: questions about online games

You could try

It is not exclusively for the Blind but since it is mainly a text based game it is a great adventure so there are many who are Blind that play it. You can create your own medieval fantasy novel.

Re: questions about online games


I am not sure what kind of games you like, but maybe this is intersting for you:
We just released our latest mobile game, Crafting Kingdom. The game is an incremental strategy game for Android and IPhone and it is fully accessible.
When you start the game it detects if you have TalkBack or VoiceOver activated and switch into accessibility mode.
You can download the game here:

iOS Link:
Android Link:

I hope you like it. Thanks!

Re: questions about online games


I haven't clicked on any of the links, but I found this list of online games for blind and visually impaired users:

I hope this helps.

Shannon Carollo

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